Tree Fertilization

Proper Fertilization Helps Your Trees Thrive

While trees naturally grow, there is a lot property owners can do to help them thrive. Along with proper trimming and care, fertilization is needed to make sure the trees can grow healthy and strong. It can also help trees that flower or grow fruits produce a lot more, creating a more attractive look during the spring and summer months. Our team is available to help with fertilization for any trees you have on your property.

Why Add Fertilization?

Trees get many of the nutrients they need from the soil. Over time, the nutrients that are naturally in the soil are depleted. While more nutrients can be added through the decomposition of leaves close to the tree as well as rain, adding extra can help the tree be healthier and look much better. It can also lead to more flowering as well as higher fruit productions. Fertilization is a way of adding nutrients to the soil, ensuring the trees have everything they need to grow. With lemon tree fertilization, for instance, the lemon tree is able to be healthier and produce a larger amount of lemons.

DIY Versus Hiring the Pros

It is possible for homeowners to handle pine tree fertilization or oak tree fertilization on their own, but it’s not always advised. There are many different types of fertilizers on the market today, and using the wrong one can have disastrous effects. If a homeowner attempts magnolia tree fertilization, for instance, and the fertilizer includes too much salt, the tree can start to show signs of salt damage. Our expert team knows exactly what to use for the types of trees in your property, as well as the beneficial amounts of fertilizer to add.

Why Deep Root Fertilization?

One option homeowners are opting for today is deep root tree fertilization. The idea behind this is to place the fertilizer deep into the ground so it’s closer to the roots and easier for the trees to reach. This can help the trees take full advantage of the nutrients in the fertilizer, and homeowners may be able to see the difference faster compared to typical fertilization.

If you haven’t applied fertilizers to your trees or if you aren’t sure what might be needed and how to apply it, Swell Emergency Tree Removal Service in Pleasanton, CA, can help. Contact us today to get help with proper fertilization or to learn more about our other services, like our emergency tree removal service.

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