Palm Tree Service

Caring for and Removing Palm Trees

Palm trees lend a tropical look to any property. They’re generally known as low-maintenance plants because they don’t need a lot to thrive, and they grow quickly. However, there is some palm tree maintenance that needs to be done to keep the trees looking great. And, if a palm tree ever suffers from disease or damages, it may be necessary to remove it so a new one can be planted in the space. If you need help with your palm trees, one of our experts will be available to assist you.

When to Have Palm Trees Trimmed

Palm trees should be trimmed once per year by a professional or as needed if there are any fronds that appear to be dead or dying. Professional palm tree service involves carefully removing any fronds that are not needed by the tree anymore while leaving the younger, healthier fronds, so the tree continues to look great and grow properly. Trimming is necessary to help not only with the aesthetics of the tree but its health as well.

What to Do About Damaged or Dying Palm Trees

If a palm tree is damaged or suffering from diseases, it may need to be removed. It can then be replaced with another palm tree or a different type of plant. Due to the height of palm trees, it’s always best to have a professional handle the palm tree removal. This reduces the potential for anyone to be injured or for the tree to cause any damages when it comes down.

Why Hire a Pro for Help?

Palm trees can be dangerous when they come down. It can also be dangerous to climb to the top of the tree to handle the trimming. When a palm tree needs to be trimmed or removed, a professional palm tree service can handle the job with care. They have the right equipment and experience to reach the fronds and to remove either the dead fronds or the whole tree, depending on what needs to be done.

Do you need help caring for your palm tree? Or, are you looking to have one removed? At Swell Emergency Tree Removal Service, we strive to make sure homeowners in the Pleasanton, CA area can get the help they need for their trees, including gorgeous palm trees. Call us today to learn more about maintenance for palm trees or to ask about our emergency tree removal service.

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